My name is

Lucia Segura.

About Me
  • Creative

    My aim is always to turn an idea or concept into reality. Using my imagination and thorough research, I perceive the world in new ways, find hidden patterns and generate solutions. Always look at the best way to design a product that will take usability and accessibility in mind. Design should talk to everyone, not just the few.

  • Mindful

    Part of good design is knowing and having an awareness of people's behaviour and why they choose to do what they do. I have a keen interest in psychology and spend a lot of time researching and reading. I have an interest in Carl Jung and his theories. However, I particularly love the lectures of Joseph Campbell and his Hero's Journey theory, which I apply to my life, work, spiritual and creative parts.

  • Passionate

    I believe that design is essential to our everyday lives. Inspiration can be found everywhere, from galleries to museums, from street art to fashion, from books to movies. Design should aim to be understood by all and to follow the current trends. It should also research, analyse and be prepared to change course. As a creative designer I always strive to provide a good usable product with great design.

  • Experienced

    For over twenty years, I’ve been helping clients of all shapes and sizes to create beautiful and usable things. I started my career in print design, helping businesses with their branding and sales materials. Then I learned how to code and design for the web, helping businesses achieve sales through e-commerce shops. In everything that I do, I always put the user in mind to increase the visibility of my clients.

  • Inquisitive

    The road to personal growth is a never ending one and I believe that learning new skills can only add to your creativity. Creativity is something I am always willing to feed with my numerous visits to galleries, museums and my love of travelling and experiencing new things.

  • Have Fun Creating

    My moto has always been ‘have fun creating’. Because I feel that when we are happy and enjoy what we do, the creativity blossoms and productivity grows along with the fun.

My Portfolio

Coming soon, but if you can't wait, then message me!

  • Meditation and Wiccan Life

    In my spare time I run a meditation podcast called Wiccan Life. I teach meditation through a series of pathworkings and guided journeys, helping people in their spiritual journey.

  • Pagan Dawn

    I am also the Production Manager for the Pagan Federation’s publication ‘Pagan Dawn’. This publication is published four times a year and I am responsible for the re-branding of the magazine. Also I manage a team of designers and work closely with the Deputy Editor to produce the magazine.

  • Yoga

    Yoga goes alongside my meditation practice and brings strength within my core.

  • Books

    With an inquisitve mind comes my passion for reading. You will always find me with a book or listening to an audiobook.

Contact Me

Best way to contact me is through LinkedIn.

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